A New Approach To PizzaThe Ventura’s family business began with our family of 6, originating from Abruzzo, Italy. Among them were four boys and my grandparents. One of them is my father, who created a brand that is still thriving over 50 years later. Many of the recipes came from his mother and father, who started a small restaurant in Camden, NJ. Eventually creating a South Jersey Landmark, Mama Ventura’s became a successful family business, lasting until 2013. Some of the siblings took to their own journey and carried on the success of that legacy.

WHY VENTURA’S PIZZASince Our InceptionMy parents are current owners of Ventura’s Greenhouse in Margate and Ventura’s Offshore Café in Northfield, both in NJ. They started with Ventura’s Pizzeria and The Hideout in Mt. Laurel, NJ. The goal was to create a great experience that delivered incredible food and fabulous pizza, always made with the freshest ingredients and backed by an owner’s pride that reflected in all that was done. My Brother, alongside my Father, has been in the family business all of his life in NJ and continues to keep the success going. Now in Boca Raton, Florida, our newest location, we are here to continue with the same incredible pizza and homemade foods served with the consistency and pride of the Ventura name.

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